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Dive into the Weissensee


at Weissensee

A summer at Lake Weissensee is diverse, surprising and sustainable.

Largely unspoilt, blessed with secluded bays and embedded in a fjord-like landscape with a colourful play of colours: a gem awaits you at Lake Weissensee.


In summer, the nature park is particularly versatile. Whether you come to hike, bike, swim or relax, or whether you want to consciously experience nature.

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Hiking & Biking

Experience the unique combination of clear water, majestic mountains, forests and Carinthian culture in the unspoilt Weissensee Nature Park with over 200 km of marked hiking trails and 650 km of MTB and cycling trails. A paradise for nature and hiking lovers.



A break by the water can work wonders, whether it's a refreshing plunge into the cool water or the pleasant tranquillity on the shore. 


Let yourself be enchanted by the oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the Alpine Caribbean!



What is special about the cuisine at Lake Weissensee is the combination of traditional regional dishes, extraordinary locations and the Mediterranean Alpe-Adria culinary tradition, which complement each other to create a unique Slow Food Travel Destination worldwide.


... and even more

Sustainability is written in capital letters at Lake Weissensee. 


Our TIP:
Why not visit our boat builder Winkler or the Kolbitsch family at their soap production and herb lovemaking.


One lake, one map

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premium card

As a guest at the Kamenhof am Weissensee, you benefit from a wide range of advantages, discounts and specials with the new Weissensee PremiumCARD.


The card grants you access to the train station shuttle, Weissensee nature park bus, mountain railways, boat trips as well as to the hiking buses and regional buses 

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